About FlatFur

On December 4th 2017, the Limelume.com, association announced that FlatFur.com Media & Labs will be liquidated.

FlatFur.News was acquired by FeedSpiders’ (a Limelume.com, brand) and merged into ElElIt (https://elelit.com).

FlatFur.com Ad Network was acquired by FeedSpiders’ (a Limelume.com, brand) but has since remained under the ‘FlatFur.com’ brand.

FlatFur.Kernel and FlatFur.Portal has been merged with the Iniftar Foundations’. WHARFwebsite Pty Ltd acquired FlatFur.Kernel for Limelume OS. FlatFur.Portal was merged with aProfile.org and later, Limelume Social.

FlatFur.Productions (also known as ‘Gamolia’ or ‘Gamolia Productions’) has ceased.

FlatFur.Bookclub was acquired by Akram Book Club (http://akrambook.club/).

To navigate our website, please consider using our menu. For desktop and most devices please check on the left side of our website under our Logo, Title, Subtitle and “More FlatFur”. For smaller devices please find our Logo and the three lined Button, Click on it to access our menu.

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