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AppsDesignLab is a app developer (also known as Design Application Pty Ltd) based in Queensland, Australia.

AppsDesignLab currently hosts four active apps (1 Web App, 2 Android Apps and 1 iOS App) and two inactive apps (2 Cross-Platform Apps).


PhoneSwappr on Google Play







PhoneSwappr was AppsDesignLab’s first and most popular app. The purpose of PhoneSwappr was to transfer contacts between phones. PhoneSwappr was founded on the 23rd of Semptember in 2013 and launched originally on iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 via Parse. When Parse was sold to Facebook in 2013, PhoneSwappr was deeply effected. In 2014, PhoneSwappr was launched on Blackberry. Soon after PhoneSwappr’s launch on Blackberry it began to decline. PhoneSwappr recieved lot’s of bad reviews as it was advertised as a free app but charged $2.99 USD to download contacts. By 2015, PhoneSwappr was lifted from some app stores and became inactive.


SmartTradie Preview on iPad

SmartTradie was AppsDesignLab’s second app and it’s first iPad (only) App. SmartTradie is a free english-only business tool made to organize customers, products and documents. AppsDesignLab attempted to use PhoneSwappr to gain users on SmartTradie but failed to do that. SmartTradie currently has only 8 active users. Electronic Wallboard was AppsDesignLab’s third app and largest project. It is based on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Raspberry PI. It is widely used in Queensland by Masjids & Mosques to distribute their data. first launched it’s electronic wallboard based on a Raspberry PI. planned on it’s AWS-based website and app in early 2017, however it ceased progress in late April, 2017 due to internal issues.


In April 2017, The AppsDesignLab Remote Team in partnership with Cheetah Media developed FeedSpiders. A Free News-Feed App for Amazon Kindle. According to Amazon App Store, Cheetah Media had over 639 downloads. However within a few weeks, AppsDesignLab abondoned FeedSpiders and Cheetah Media ceased any future updates.


Official AdminEvents Logo

AdminEvents was AppsDesignLab’s second-last new development and it’s most active. It was developed by the AppsDesignLab Remote Team in May 2017 to help create Portfolio’s for Events Online. AdminEvents is not free and charges between $1.70 to $17.55 AUD daily.


A Fidget Spinner App

“A Fidget Spinner App” is AppsDesignLab’s latest and last new development. It was developed by the AppsDesignLab Remote Team in July 2017. The APK Version of “A Fidget Spinner App” can officially only be downloaded from the AppsDesignLab website and has not been published officially on any app store.

Other Apps Contributed By AppsDesignLab

Though AppsDesignLab has ceased all major development, it and it’s remote team have contributed to sevaral apps, most notabily, Akram Book Club and the FlatFur App.


Overall, I must conclude with AppsDesignLab was once a great pioneer in App Development but now it has fallen it’s ranks just like other companies in technology including most recently, Yahoo Inc.




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